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Technical support & Training

The merge of design & performance

Tailor-made support and training for the manufacturing of your bioclimatic pergolas

The Mont Blanc® bioclimatic pergola is the culmination of years of research and development. First designed to withstand snow loads in the Swiss Alps, our pergola has been improved to adapt to heavy rainfalls, especially in tropical climates like those of the Caribbean, which makes it perfectly competitive in markets like Europe. The rainwater gutters are built-in the structure and channel the water off discreetly. The motorization is fully integrated into the beam, making it invisible, silent, and protected from the outside.  


Our Qualicoat® SEASIDE-labeled powder coating is resistant to sunlight and salt air. The Qualicoat® label is globally renowned as the best label for aluminum coating.

A complete solution for your business

We aim at simplifying the daily life of manufacturers:

  • Order the pergola profiles (several colors available), rubbers and hardwares in one single order; 

  • Receive a hands-on training session, at your workshop, with a qualified technician from Hagensteel, to master the manufacturing and installation process of the bioclimatic pergola Mont Blanc. Learn more.

Technical features

  • Sleek design: invisible and secure fastening system with joining profiles, without screws or bolts

  • Integrated water drains

  • Integrated motorisation and electrical system: protection from rain, wind and possible flying debris. As well as being protected, the motorisation remains easily accessible

  • 175mmx175mm beams and poles: give your customers a luxury pergola, both elegant and robust

  • 195mm tubular louvers, sealed by an EPDM rubber in the closed position

  • Louvers integrate in their shape a water drain allowing them to be dry even after a downpour

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  • Remote control of the louvers from 0° to 140° to regulate light and ventilation

  • Silent motorisation with receiver for connected homes, compatible with the Tahoma box for better control of your outdoor habitat.

  • Powerful LED luminaire lighting to provide warmth and atmosphere, placed on the entire inner periphery of the structure. Integrated in the structure (specific profile), it is doubly protected by a transparent PVC cover.

  • Qualicoat® powder coating of all of the pergola profiles. Learn more.

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