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Maison avec piscine

Handrails & Balustrades full system solutions

We have developed exclusive Hagensteel ranges, combining aesthetics and robustness, in a varied choice of colors:

  • Hera® range: aluminum guardrail with straight, oval or octogonal aluminium tubes;

  • Neptune® range: glass balustrade with aluminum handrails: 8mm or 10mm laminated glass;

  • Brickell® range: glass balustrade, two types of installation, stadip or tempered glazing from 14 to 20mm.

Hagensteel full system solutions

Universal ranges

  • 4 manufacturing possibilities with the possibility of standards adaptable to existing ranges (European standard);

  • General profiles:

Guardrail with reinforced stiffener 40x20 European standard;

Guardrail with clip system.

  • Bearing block with 4 adjustment levers for better level adjustment.

Machine solutions

B.W.A. has developed an innovative machine for the machining of crossbars in order to allow the passage of 40x20 stiffeners. Indeed, this machine can be used to work on both types of 40x20 stiffeners:

  • stiffener with right angles;

  • and stiffener with rounded angles.

Pre-drilled crossbars

We offer simple top and bottom crossbars. We also offer pre-drilled crossbars for time saving and optimum productivity in workshops.

Three designs of handrails

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